The Future Of Tier 4 Final

Most Tier 4 genset solutions require massive, expensive aftermarket parts. Not KOHLER® KD Series generators.

No DPF. No DOC. With only a SCR, we've removed all those complicated aftertreatment specifications. Not only that, since KD Series generators are built for prime power and peak saving, your clients can save big on utility bills.

Necessity Of Tier 4

Necessity Of Tier 4

Since 2014, all stationary nonemergency generators operating in the U.S. must be powered by an EPA-certified Tier 4 Final engine. Common stationary nonemergency generator applications include:

  • Primary Source of Power to Facility

  • Peak Shaving

  • Curtailment/Interruptible Rate Programs

  • Supplying Power to Electrical Grid

Why KOHLER KD Series Tier 4?

No need for:

  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) or Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

  • Regeneration

  • Compressed Air

  • Additional Sound Attenuation

Why KOHLER KD Series Tier 4?
Award Winning Product

Award Winning Product

KD Series Tier 4 generators won Business Intelligence Group's 2021 Sustainability Awards program, securing the Sustainability Product of the Year award. The Sustainability Awards honor people, teams and organizations who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice or overall mission. As the amount of data being created increases, the number of worldwide data centers will grow to support that demand. With that comes the increased need for reliable backup power - and an increasingly acute demand for power solutions that reduce environmental impacts wherever possible.

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Looking For More Tier 4 Generators?

Looking For More Tier 4 Generators?

Kohler also has other Tier 4 options ranging from 30 kW to 150 kW. Like the KD Series Tier 4 generators, they also provide lower emission levels and fine particulate matter. Cleaner generators mean a cleaner future.

Power Considerations

Designing power systems that meet requirements for the highest levels of uptime requires expert attention to system architecture and equipment redundancy. Total system integration means your generators, transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, and controllers are all designed to work together. We Know you have a lot to consider. That's why we make it easy.

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Power Considerations


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