Maintenance-Free Design. Available In Three Battery Types.

A high-performance battery is one of the most critical components you can buy, because it helps your generator start efficiently so it can provide reliable power whenever you need it. And for that, you can’t get better than a genuine KOHLER battery.

KOHLER® genuine batteries are specifically engineered to keep your generator running during the most demanding applications.

  • Standard Duty Series – Standard Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) requirements to support less demanding industrial and commercial application.

  • Optimum Duty Series – Medium to high CCA requirements to support more demanding industrial and commercial applications.

  • Heavy Duty Series – Highest CCA requirements to support abrasive and demanding industrial and commercial applications.
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KOHLER battery

Power On Demand

1. PowerLock
The PowerLock cover design provides clean, maintenance-free operation and easy fitment. The durable recessed handle ensures safe handling and installation.

2. Innovative terminals
Heavy duty terminals resist corrosion and optimize durability and efficiency in tough operating environments.

3. DuraWrap
DuraWrap separators can reduce maintenance and prevent failure due to short-circuiting and plate shedding, ensuring reliability. Plate construction enables maximum performance and durability.

4. DuraCast
Our full frame DuraCast grids use wire thickness across the grid structure to hold and retain active materials for longer life and better reliability

5. Tough connectors
Thicker terminal post connectors for premium performance and increased electrical efficiency.


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