There’s no time for downtime. That’s why your choice of oil matters. Fully synthetic and engineered specifically for industrial generator applications, KOHLER® genuine oils contain additives that help maximize performance – and minimize your total costs of ownership.
Four formulation options: 5W-30 5W-40 10W-40 15W-40
Six size options: 1 Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallons, 55 Gallons, 275 Gallons and bulk available
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5W-30 For Gasoline & Gaseous-Fueled Generators

• Keeps engines clean for peak efficiency and reduced maintenance
• Provides all-season protection and excellent cold-flow properties for easier starts
• Withstands high heat, reducing oil consumption and deposit formation
• Protects against wear to preserve engine power and lengthen equipment life

5W-40 For Diesel-Fueled Generators

• Excellent at resisting the thickening effects from oxidation and soot contamination
• Maintains viscosity for maximum engine protection and efficiency
• Excellent when used in both hot-operating engines and cold weather-starting extremes
• Increases longevity of the oil and equipment life, lowering total cost of ownership

10W-40 For Gaseous-Fueled Generators

• Higher ash formulation for engines with flat tappet lifters
• Boosted with zinc and phosphorus additives to provide exceptional wear control
• Exceptional oxidation and nitration control, maintaining viscosity to deliver long-term wear protection
• Broader temperature range (lower temperature) than 15W-40 oil formulation

15W-40 For Gaseous-Fueled Generators

• Resists deposit formation to maintain engine efficiency and protect valves in engines with roller tappet lifters
• Works over a broad temperature range reducing the need for seasonal oil changes
• Naturally resists nitration to reduce oil thickening
• Offers low zinc and phosphorus levels to prolong the life of emissions catalyst system without sacrificing wear protection

15W-40 Conventional Oil For Diesel-Fueled Generators

• For diesel-powered generator sets with a history of conventional oil use
• Shear-stable formula provides good viscosity control
• Provides excellent engine protection in severe-service conditions


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