From turbochargers to oil filters, we ensure every part that goes into our KD Series™ generators meets the highest standards for performance and durability. So to keep your generator running at peak performance, be sure to always insist on KOHLER genuine parts.

Why insist on KOHLER genuine parts?

Why insist on KOHLER genuine parts?

  • Trusted performance

  • KOHLER quality standards

  • Expert support

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

The Parts That Power Your Business

Check out some of the key parts available now.

1. Turbocharger
Matched specifically to each engine, turbochargers are designed to provide the optimal quantity of air to reach maximum power and reduce fuel consumption.

2. Common rail injection system
The proprietary CR system offers best-in-class fuel consumption and has been engineered specifically for G-Drive applications.

3. Engine control unit
The engine control unit controls all functions of the engine, granting a perfect match of hardware and software. Using our diagnostic software KODIA, you can resolve issues quickly or even prevent them—leading to outstanding engine life.

4. Fuel system pump
The high-pressure fuel pump reaches 2,200 bar pressure—enabling the common rail injection system to perform at the highest levels.

5. Oil filtration
KOHLER® oil filters are designed to protect the engine and support steady, long-lasting performance—even under high temperature fluctuations.

The Parts That Power Your Business


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