Making generating equipment that’s intuitive to use takes some pretty advanced technology. That’s why we offer customers and distributors training courses around the world on every aspect of equipment maintenance and repair – all run by KOHLER experts.

Why KOHLER training?

  • Quality, cost-effective training designed to increase individual and organizational productivity

  • Development opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills and enrich your organization.

  • Provide distributors with the tools to respond effectively to customer needs as well as current and

  • future demands for service.

Learn about the best from the best. KOHLER training courses help distributors improve their businesses by building the knowledge and skills of their staff. And where better to learn about KOHLER gear than from KOHLER itself?

Some of our training courses are also suitable for individuals with no or little technical background (office workers, account managers, etc..) and can be customized for specific projects.

We also offer courses on maintenance and teach how to make the most of diagnostic and other special tools. Our training courses help technicians to understand the full functionality of diagnostic tools.

Training for distributors and dealers. If you want access to contact your local distributor.

Online Training Courses & Assessments

Get the education you want — in your own time. Start our online program and build the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed on topics including power system fundamentals, service, products (controllers and engines), and installation training.

Virtual Training Courses

Learn about products and fundamentals by attending live training sessions with an instructor, then test your knowledge by taking the online tests. Improve your global view of our products before attending any of our Instructor-Led Training courses.

Instructor-led Training Courses

Practice on simulators and real products such as generators, engines, controllers and ATS to prepare yourself for on-site commissioning and generator maintenance. Choose from:
• Factory hands-on training
• On-site training

Certified Training Program

Our Certified Training Program is designed for Kohler distributors, partners, dealers, installer service technicians and Kohler associates. Training curriculums have been developed to match different requirements based on level, expertise, and segment.


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