Only KOHLER genuine parts are built specifically for your KOHLER generator. And they are easily available to support your generator through its lifecycle. They are the best way to maintain a resilient source of power – and to protect your investment in the generator set.

Why insist on KOHLER genuine parts?

  1. Fast availability
    Extensive parts inventory is readily available through our global network of distributors.

  2. Ultimate convenience
    Preventative maintenance kits provide all the parts you need to complete scheduled maintenance events.

  3. Life-long commitment
    Parts are available to support your generator through its lifecycle and maximize its lifetime value

  4. Optimum performance
    Because genuine parts were designed specifically for KOHLER generators you can count on getting the highest performance from them

  5. Protect your warranty
    The warranty on your generator can be affected if non-genuine parts are used. Only by using genuine parts can you be sure your warranty is protected.

KOHLER Genuine Oil

Specially formulated to keep your KOHLER generator running at peak performance.

KOHLER Genuine Batteries

Keep your KOHLER generator running when you need it most.

KOHLER Genuine Coolant

Superior engine protection plus additives that protect your cooling system.

Every Part Counts In Your KD Generator

Keep your KD generator running at peak performance - insist on KOHLER genuine parts.

The KOHLER Fluid Analysis Program

Take a look inside your generator with the KOHLER Fluid Analysis Program and help prevent future issues before they arise.


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