Your KOHLER industrial generator is designed to give you a reliable power source for many years to come. To ensure total resilience it’s important to insist on KOHLER genuine parts and service throughout its entire working life.

KOHLER Genuine Parts

KOHLER genuine parts are built specifically for your industrial generator. If you depend on your generator for continuous or backup power, they are your best option to ensure smooth and reliable operation whenever you need it.

KOHLER Service & Warranties

Only KOHLER-trained and certified technicians are equipped with the specialist knowledge to keep your generator in peak operational condition. Be sure to work with a Kohler distributor to confirm your warranty to ensure a prompt service response.

KOHLER Training

Our training courses equip customers and distributors with the knowledge needed to install, start up, use and maintain our generator sets. The sessions give practical training and use simulators to reproduce any generator configuration.

Every Part Counts In Your KD Generator

Keep your KD generator running at peak performance - insist on KOHLER genuine parts.

Let's Celebrate 150 Years of KOHLER

This year marks our 150th anniversary and we're ready to celebrate!

Find Your Distributor

Find Your Distributor

Use our handy tool to find your local distributor. Just let us know where you are, and we'll do the rest.


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